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News Services
Access to news feeds to keep customers up to date on world events.

Reporting Services
Live on demand reports fed directly from our Enterprise Resource Planning System.


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All of our sites are secured using VeriSign, the leading provider of SSL Certificates. Our sites are secured using 128 bit encryption to give our customers the strongest SSL encryption on the planet - no matter what browser or operating system they are using.

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Welcome to APS Portal

Today, businesses are under continuous pressure to reduce operating costs and increase bottom-line margins. APS wants to help you achieve better results by allowing you to customize your access to the APS Customer Web Portal. This will enable you to select what information you want to receive from APS and the format you want to receive it in.

New Products & Services

Flex Messaging
The next level in dynamic statement messaging is available online. Save on programming cost by changing messages online and setting parameters to demographically segment statement messages.

Online Approvals
The ability to view and approve your statements online and via email. Receive predetermined samples of daily production files that can be approved online and automatically e-mailed to the approval point.

Email Direct
Online interface for quick and easy management of email marketing campaigns. Notify customers of events, track demographic information, segment advertisements based on results.

Address Confirm
An online tool that uses the USPS address database to confirm, cleanse, and properly format addresses.

Our method of maintaining current address information for your customers using updates supplied by the US Postal Service.

Track mail pieces and returns using the APS Mail Tracking System based on the USPS Confirm® Service.


• Current Events
• Sports
• Weather
• Internet Search


• Prepaid Postage
• NetTrak
• NetForward
• Invoicing


• Online Messaging
• Online Approvals
• Marketing Manager